Welcome to the fascinating world of Dinosaur tea party! Yes, you read that right. Merging the elegance of a traditional tea party with the wild excitement of a dinosaur theme creates an event that kids and adults will adore. Let’s dive right in!

Setting the Jurassic Scene

Why Setting Matters

When it comes to throwing a Dinosaur tea party, setting the right scene is crucial. You want your guests to feel like they’ve stepped back in time, straight into the Jurassic period.

Fossil Decorations

Fossil Decorations are a must-have for any Dinosaur tea party. You can easily create the look of ancient fossils using faux dinosaur bones, which can be found at craft stores or specialized party shops. Alternatively, you could paint or draw dinosaur footprints on cardboard and place them around the party area. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even make “fossils” using plaster of Paris and small toy dinosaurs.

DIY Fossil Decor

  • Use plaster of Paris to make faux fossils.
  • Paint rocks to resemble dinosaur eggs.
  • Create “ancient” murals with scenes of dinosaurs in their natural habitats.

Dino Tea Set

Dino Tea Set is another key element that will make your tea party a hit. These tea sets often feature teapots shaped like dinosaurs and cups with dinosaur footprints or faces. They add a playful, thematic touch to your tea serving. You can find these online or in specialty stores.

Where to Buy Your Dino Tea Set

  • Online retailers like Amazon or Etsy often offer a variety of options.
  • Specialty toy stores sometimes carry thematic tea sets.
  • Crafty? Try making your own set with some paint and a plain ceramic tea set.

Prehistoric Invitations

Prehistoric Invitations - Dinosaur Tea Party
Prehistoric Invitations – Dinosaur Tea Party

The First Impression

Your invitations are the first impression guests will have of your Dinosaur tea party. Therefore, it’s essential to make them exciting and aligned with your prehistoric theme.

Dinosaur Footprint Invitations

Dinosaur Footprint Invitations can be a super fun and easy way to get your guests excited about the event. You can either buy pre-made footprint-shaped cards or create your own. If you’re making them yourself, all you need is some colored cardstock and a footprint template.

How to Create Your Invitations

  1. Cut dinosaur footprints out of colored cardstock.
  2. Use glitter or markers to add extra flair.
  3. Write the party details in the center of the footprint.

Digital Invites

If you prefer digital invitations, there are various apps and websites where you can customize your own Dinosaur tea party-themed invites. Platforms like Evite or Paperless Post often have dinosaur-themed templates.

Benefits of Digital Invites

  • Easy to distribute via email or social media.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy for guests to RSVP.

Tea Time with T-Rex

Why T-Rex Teacups?

Imagine your guests’ delight when they are handed a teacup that resembles a T-Rex head! T-Rex Teacups add a whimsical, adventurous element to your Dinosaur tea party, making it memorable for kids and adults alike.

Where to Find T-Rex Teacups

Finding the perfect T-Rex Teacups might be easier than you think. Specialty stores or online marketplaces like Etsy often feature a range of dinosaur-themed tableware. If you’re feeling crafty, you could DIY by decorating regular teacups with dinosaur stickers or hand-painted designs.

DIY T-Rex Teacups

  • Buy plain teacups from a thrift store.
  • Use food-safe paint to add T-Rex features.
  • Seal your artwork with a clear, food-safe sealant.

Beyond the Teacup

Taking the T-Rex theme beyond just the teacups can also add flair. Think T-Rex-shaped tea infusers or even dinosaur-themed tea towels.

Dinosaur-Themed Snacks

Making the Menu Exciting

A tea party is complete with some delicious snacks. For a Dinosaur tea party, Dinosaur-Themed Snacks are a must-have. They not only satisfy those little tummies but also keep the theme consistent and exciting.

Ideas for Dinosaur-Themed Snacks

  1. Dino-Shaped Sandwiches: Use dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters to make fun sandwiches filled with anything from turkey and cheese to peanut butter and jelly.
  2. Fossil Cookies: Create sugar cookies with imprints of small toy dinosaurs or dinosaur skeletons.
  3. Dinosaur Eggs: Boiled eggs can be dyed and speckled to resemble dinosaur eggs.
  4. Jurassic Jell-O: Make green Jell-O and add gummy dinosaurs for a prehistoric treat.

How to Make Fossil Cookies

  • Make a batch of sugar cookie dough.
  • Roll it out and cut it into circles.
  • Press a small toy dinosaur into each circle to create an imprint.
  • Bake as usual and enjoy your edible “fossils.”

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Remember, it’s essential to be aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions your guests might have. Always have some gluten-free or nut-free options available.

 Get into Character

What could make a Dinosaur tea party even more fun? Dressing up, of course! Making your tea party a Dinosaur costume party can turn the excitement up a notch. Guests can come in dinosaur costumes, making for an event full of laughter and memorable photos.

Costume Contest

Take the dressing-up a step further by hosting a Dinosaur Costume Contest. Offer small prizes for categories like ‘Best Costume,’ ‘Most Creative,’ or ‘Funniest Dinosaur.’ It will encourage everyone to bring their A-game when it comes to dressing up.

Prize Ideas for Costume Contest

  • Dinosaur-themed books or coloring books
  • Small dinosaur toys or figurines
  • Dinosaur stickers or temporary tattoos

Games and Activities

Games and Activities - Dinosaur Tea Party
Games and Activities – Dinosaur Tea Party

Keep the Fun Going

A Dinosaur tea party is not just about tea and snacks; it’s about having a roarin’ good time! Adding Dino party games and crafts will keep your little dinosaurs entertained.

Ideas for Dino Party Games

  1. Dinosaur Egg Hunt: Fill plastic eggs with small toys or candies and hide them around the party area. Kids can hunt for these “dinosaur eggs.”
  2. Pin the Tail on the Stegosaurus: Just like the traditional ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey,’ but with a dinosaur twist!

How to Set Up a Dinosaur Egg Hunt

  • Buy or make plastic “dinosaur eggs.”
  • Fill them with small toys, stickers, or candies.
  • Hide them in different spots in your garden or party area.
  • Give each child a small bag or basket for collecting eggs.

Dinosaur Tea Party Crafts

For the little artists in the group, Dinosaur tea party crafts can offer a more creative outlet. Consider setting up a craft station where kids can make their dinosaur masks or paint small dinosaur figurines.

Crafting Supplies You’ll Need

  • Plain paper masks or pre-made dinosaur mask templates
  • Paints and brushes
  • Glitter, googly eyes, and other decorative items

By adding a dress-up element and fun games and crafts, your Dinosaur tea party will become an unforgettable experience that kids will talk about long after the last drop of tea has been sipped. 🦕🎉🍵

Paleontology Meets Tea Time

Making Learning Fun

Who says a tea party can’t be educational? By blending Paleontology and Tea elements, you can sneak in some learning without dampening the fun. It is a great way to enrich the minds of your young guests while they enjoy their tea and treats.

Dinosaur Fun Facts

One easy way to incorporate some learning is by placing Dinosaur fun fact cards at each table setting. These cards can have interesting tidbits about different dinosaur species, their habitats, or even the types of plants they ate.

Ideas for Fun Fact Cards

  • “Did you know the T-Rex had teeth as big as bananas?”
  • “The Stegosaurus had a brain the size of a walnut!”
  • “Herbivore dinosaurs often ate plants like ferns and cycads.”

Tea Facts Too!

Remember, it’s a tea party, after all. You can include some tea facts as well, like “Did you know that all tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis?” or “Earl Grey tea is flavored with bergamot, a type of citrus fruit.”

Dinosaur Party Favors

A Token to Remember

As the party comes to an end, it’s nice to give your guests a little something to remember the day. Dinosaur party favors are the perfect parting gift that keeps the prehistoric fun going even after the party is over.

Ideas for Dinosaur Party Favors

  1. Mini Dinosaur Figurines: These are always a hit with kids and can be found at dollar stores or party supply shops.
  2. Dinosaur Stickers: Sheets of colorful dinosaur stickers make for a simple yet delightful gift.
  3. Dinosaur Tattoos: Temporary dinosaur tattoos can be a fun and exciting favor that kids can wear and show off.

Packaging Party Favors

  • Use small burlap bags to add a rustic, prehistoric feel.
  • Attach a thank-you note with a fun dinosaur pun, like “Thanks for making my party dino-mite!”


A Dinosaur tea party to Remember!

Throwing a Dinosaur tea party is not just about serving tea; it’s about creating an experience. With the right planning and attention to detail, from invitations to costumes, games, and even learning opportunities, your Dinosaur tea party can become an unforgettable event that guests of all ages will enjoy.

Additional Resources

Where to Find Dinosaur Tea Party Supplies

To help you get started on planning, numerous online stores specialize in dinosaur-themed party supplies. From tableware to decorations and party favors, you can find everything you need to make your Dinosaur tea party a smashing success.

  • Online party supply stores
  • Etsy for handmade items
  • Amazon for a wide selection

So why wait? Take your tea party to the prehistoric era and make it a dino-mite celebration!