Tea is not just a drink; it’s a way to make friends and have fun! And out of all the tea parties in the world, the Dedue Tea Party is the most special. Let’s find out why!

The Story of the Dedue Tea Party

A long time ago, some people really loved tea. They wanted to share their love with others, so they started a small tea party. Over time, more and more people wanted to join, and it became a big and famous party! Now, people from all over the world come to enjoy the best teas at the Dedue Tea Party. It’s not just a party; it’s a magical tea adventure!

What Makes Dedue Tea Party Special?

The Dedue Tea Party is like a magic tea adventure. It’s more than just a place to drink tea. It’s a place where you learn cool things about tea and feel very special.

It’s Like a VIP Party

The Dedue Tea Party feels like a VIP event because everything is so fancy and unique. They pick the best places to have the party, and they let only a few people come. It makes everyone feel super special.

A Fun Tea Journey

At this party, you don’t just drink tea. You go on a fun journey. They tell you where the tea comes from and fun stories about it. Imagine listening to a cool story and then tasting the tea from that story!

Learning Old and New Tea Stories

This party shows you how people in the past enjoyed their tea and how we enjoy it now. It’s like traveling back in time and then zooming back to today, all while drinking tea!

All Your Senses Wake Up!

When you’re at the Dedue Tea Party, all your senses wake up! You see the pretty colors of the tea, smell its sweet or spicy scent, hear the sound of pouring, feel the warm cup, and taste different yummy flavors.



Dedue Tea Party 1
Dedue Tea Party 1


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Venue and Setting

Every Year, A New Adventure

The Dedue Tea Party is always full of surprises. One of the biggest surprises? You never know where it will be next! Instead of always being in one place, the party moves around to cool new spots every year.

From Old Mansions to Beautiful Gardens

Imagine having tea in a big, old house where people from a long time ago used to live. Or in a garden where colorful flowers are everywhere, and butterflies fly around. That’s the kind of place the Dedue Tea Party picks! One year, it might be in a grand mansion that’s like a castle from a storybook. Another year, it could be in a place filled with trees, plants, and fresh air.

The Place Tells a Story

The place where the tea party happens is more than just a place. It’s like a main character in a story! It adds to the fun and makes the tea party feel even more special. When you’re in an old mansion, you can imagine the parties that might have happened there long ago. In a garden, you can listen to the birds and feel like you’re in a magical forest.

A Treat for Your Senses

At the Dedue Tea Party, your eyes, ears, nose, and skin all get to join the fun. You see beautiful things around you, hear calming sounds, smell the fresh air or old wood, and feel the warmth or coolness of the place. All of this makes drinking tea there an even bigger treat!

The Tea Selection at Dedue

At the Dedue Tea Party, the most important part is, of course, the tea! Let’s find out what makes their tea so special.

  1. So Many Teas!

At Dedue, they have all kinds of teas. From the ones we all know and love to some very special ones that are hard to find. It’s like a big tea treasure hunt!

  1. Learning from Tea Experts:

At the party, there are super-smart tea people called “sommeliers.” They know everything about tea!

  1. Taste and Smell the Adventure:

Every tea has its own story. Some might taste sweet, like honey, while others might be a little spicy. Some might smell like flowers, and others like fresh fruits. The tea experts help you notice all these fun details.

  1. Travel with Tea:

Even if you’re just at the party, the teas can make you feel like you’re traveling. Some teas come from far-away mountains, while others might come from sunny fields. With each sip, you get to go on a little adventure!


Dedue Tea Party 3
Dedue Tea Party 3


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Workshops and Seminars

The Dedue Tea Party is more than just drinking yummy teas; it’s also like a fun school for tea lovers!

  1. Tea Classes and Workshops:

At the Dedue Tea Party, there are special classes or what adults call “workshops.” Here, people can learn all kinds of cool stuff about tea.

  1. Learning About Tea Traditions:

Did you know that in some places, there are special ways to drink tea? It’s like a dance, but with tea! At Dedue, experts teach about these cool tea dances or “ceremonies.” It’s fun to watch and even more fun to try!

  1. Mixing Tea with Food:

Imagine drinking tea with your favorite snack. Sounds yummy. At Dedue, some classes teach which teas taste best with different foods. So, next time you have a snack, you’ll know the perfect tea to drink with it!

  1. Tea is Good for You:

Tea is not just tasty; it’s also good for your body. Some teas can make you feel better when you’re sick, and others can give you energy. At the Dedue Tea Party, you can learn about all the ways tea helps keep you healthy.

  1. Learning from the Best:

The people who teach these classes are super smart about tea. They’ve studied tea for many years and know all its secrets. When you learn from them, you’re learning from the best!

So, when you go to the Dedue Tea Party, you don’t just leave with a happy tummy but also with a brain full of fun tea facts!

Networking and Community Building

The Dedue Tea Party is not just about tea; it’s a place where people from different places come together and become friends.

  1. Sharing and Caring Over Tea:

At the Dedue Tea Party, when people sit down with their cups of tea, they start talking. They share stories about their favorite teas, where they come from, and the fun times they’ve had. It’s like a big tea family where everyone is friendly and shares with each other.

  1. Learning From Each Other:

People at the Dedue Tea Party come from different places and have different stories. Some might know a lot about tea, while others might be there to learn. By talking and sharing, everyone learns something new. Some might share tips on how to make the best cup of tea, while others might talk about the cool tea places they’ve visited.

  1. Swapping Stories and More:

It’s not just about tea stories. People talk about their hobbies, their families, and the fun things they like to do. And guess what? Sometimes, people find out they like the same things! They might both like a certain type of music, enjoy the same books, or even have the same favorite color. It’s always fun to find out what you have in common with someone else.

  1. Building a Big Tea Family:

The best part about the Dedue Tea Party is that it feels like one big family. Everyone is there because they love tea, but they leave with new friends and lots of happy memories. And just like a family, they look forward to meeting again next time!

So, the Dedue Tea Party is not just a place to drink tea; it’s a place to make friends, share stories, and feel like you’re part of a big, happy family.

Getting Ready for the Dedue Tea Party

If you’re one of the lucky ones going to the next Dedue Tea Party, here’s how to get ready!

  1. Dress Up: The Dedue Tea Party is special, so wear something nice!
  2. Learn Tea Manners: Just like saying “please” and “thank you,” there are polite ways to drink and enjoy tea. It’s good to know them before you go.
  3. Be Open and Excited: There’s going to be so much to see, taste, and learn. Be ready to enjoy it all!

A Handy Guide for Tea Party Lovers

If you’re someone who loves tea parties, then this guide is just for you! Here are some fun tips and solutions to make your tea party times even better.

  1. Join a Tea Club:

Being part of a tea club is awesome. You can meet other tea lovers, try new tea flavors, and learn cool tea facts!

  1. Plan Your Tea Party:

Why wait for an invite? Host your tea party! Invite friends, choose some fun teas to taste, and maybe even have a theme like “Hats and Teacups”!

  1. Learn More About Tea:

There are so many types of tea out there. Read books, watch videos, or take online classes to become a tea expert.

  1. Tea Tasting Journal:

Get a notebook and write about each tea you taste. Note down its flavor, color, and how it made you feel.

  1. Try Tea Crafts:

Make tea-themed crafts like painted teacups, tea bag bookmarks, or even tea-scented candles.

  1. Explore Tea Shops:

Visit different tea shops in your town or when you travel. Each shop has its special teas to discover.

  1. Tea Party Games:

Add fun to your tea parties with games! Try “Guess the Tea Flavor” or have a “Tea Trivia Quiz.”

  1. Special Diets:

If you or your friends have food rules, no worries! There are many tea snacks for everyone, like gluten-free cookies or vegan scones.

  1. Stay Updated:

Sign up for newsletters from your favorite tea brands or tea party organizers. This way, you’ll always know about the latest tea events or new flavors.

  1. Enjoy the Moment:

The best part about tea parties is the time spent with friends, laughing, chatting, and enjoying tea. So, relax and soak in the fun!

Dedue Tea Party 1


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Where and When is the Dedue Tea Party?

The Dedue Tea Party is a super special tea event that happens once a year. Everyone who loves tea looks forward to it! And guess what? Every year, it’s in a new and exciting place.

When is it?

The Dedue Tea Party happens once every year, but the exact day can change. They usually pick a time when the weather is nice, like spring or early summer. It’s when flowers bloom, and everything looks pretty!

Where is it?

The place for the Dedue Tea Party is always special. The people who plan the party pick really cool places like big old houses, gardens full of flowers, or fancy hotels with beautiful views. They choose these places because they want everyone to have a great time and feel like they’re in a magic tea world.

How do I know when and where it is?

A few months before the party, the Dedue team tells everyone the date and place. It’s a big deal, and everyone gets super excited. If you want to know first, you can join the Dedue Tea Party’s club or newsletter. That way, you’ll be one of the first to know and can get ready for the big day!


What’s the Dedue Tea Party all about?

It’s a special once-a-year tea party where people come to taste special teas from around the world. There are also fun classes and talks about tea!

When and where does this party happen?

Every year, the Dedue Tea Party is in a different, beautiful place. They tell everyone the date and place a bit before the party starts, so keep an eye out for news!

Who can come to this tea party?

Anyone who loves tea can come! But there are few tickets because it’s a very special event so that they can run out fast.

How do I get a ticket?

You can buy tickets on the Dedue Tea Party’s website. It’s a good idea to join their club or newsletter, so you know right when the tickets are ready.

What’s going to happen at the party?

You’ll get to taste amazing teas, learn fun tea facts, and meet other people who love tea just like you!

What should I wear?

You don’t need a special outfit, but since it’s a fancy tea party, it’s nice to wear something a bit dressy.

Can I buy the special teas I taste there?

Yes! If you taste a tea you really love, you can usually buy some to take home.

I’m new to tea. Is this party for me?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a tea expert or just starting to learn about tea, this party is for everyone.

I have some food rules. Will there be things I can eat?

Yes, the Dedue Tea Party makes sure there’s food for everyone. If you need something special, just let them know before!

How do I find out about the next tea party?

The best way is to sign up for their newsletter or follow them online. That way, you’ll always know the latest tea news!


In a world that often rushes by in a blur, the Dedue Tea Party is a reminder of the beauty of pausing, savoring, and connecting. It’s more than just an event; it’s an experience, a journey, and, for many, a tradition. So, as the next Dedue Tea Party looms on the horizon, consider immersing yourself in this world of tea, taste, and togetherness.