How to Have a Fun Tea Party in Chicago: Chicago is a big city by a big lake, Lake Michigan. People name it the “Windy City.” Chicago is understood for its big buildings, yummy pizza, and fun music. But there’s something else cool about Chicago: people love having tea parties!

Chicago has tall buildings, and you can see the big lake too. In this city, people have fun tea parties with their friends. It’s a mix of old ways of having tea and new, fun ways, too.

Different Tea Parties You Can Have in Chicago

Chicago is a super cool city with lots of stories to tell. And guess what? You can have some amazing tea parties here! Let’s see what fun tea parties you can plan:

1. The Old-Timey Chicago Tea Party

Do you like stories from a long time ago? Then this tea party is for you!

  • What’s It Like?: Think of a time when people danced to jazzy tunes and wore fancy hats. That’s the 1920s! You can have your tea party just like they did back then.
  • Special Touch: Play some fun jazz music in the background and wear clothes like they did in the old days.

2. Tea Party by the Big Lake

Chicago has a huge lake called Lake Michigan. It’s so big, it looks like the sea!

  • What’s It Like? Imagine sitting by the water, hearing the waves, and feeling the cool breeze. You can have your tea right there and feel super relaxed.
  • Special Touch: You can have a picnic-style tea party. Lay out a big blanket, have some cushions to sit on, and enjoy your tea and snacks.

3. Sky-High Tea Party

Chicago has some really tall buildings. From the top, you can see the whole city!

  • What’s It Like?: This tea party is on a rooftop. That means you’re way up high! You can see cars, people, and even the big lake from up there.
  • Special Touch: Set up tables and chairs and have some fairy lights. As you sip your tea, you can watch the sunset and the city lights come on.

Picking the Best Place for Your Tea Party in Chicago

How to Have a Fun Tea Party in Chicago
How to Have a Fun Tea Party in Chicago

Where you have your tea party is super important! In Chicago, there are so many cool places to choose from. Let’s see some of the best spots for your tea party:

  1. Fancy Old Hotels

Chicago has some really old and beautiful hotels. These places feel like stepping into a storybook!

  • What’s It Like?: These hotels are grand and fancy. They have big rooms with shiny floors and sparkly chandeliers. It’s like being in a castle!
  • Special Places: Some famous hotels for tea are The Drake and Palmer House. They make special teas and snacks that you’ll love.
  1. Tea in the Great Outdoors

Chicago has many beautiful parks and a big lake. Why not have your tea party outside?

  • What’s It Like?: Imagine sitting in a big green park, with trees and flowers all around. Or by Lake Michigan, where you can hear the water and feel the breeze.
  • Special Places: Millennium Park is a great spot. It’s big and green, with lots of space for a tea party. If you like the water, the banks of Lake Michigan are perfect.
  1. Cool and Different Spots

Want to have your tea party in a place that’s different and fun? Chicago has those, too!

  • What’s It Like?: Think of places that are not usual for tea parties. Like really high up in a tall building or a place filled with art.
  • Special Places: The Willis Tower Skydeck is super high up! You can see the whole city. And the Art Institute of Chicago? It’s filled with beautiful paintings and statues. Imagine having tea surrounded by art!

Choosing the Best Tea for Your Chicago Party

When it comes to tea, there are so many choices! Let’s find the perfect tea for your party:

  1. Teas That Feel Like Chicago

Chicago has its special flavors and stories. Why not have teas that taste like the city?

  • What’s It Like?: These teas are a mix of many flavors, just like how Chicago is a mix of many people and cultures.
  • Special Teas: Look for teas that have names or flavors linked to Chicago. Maybe there’s a tea with a name like “Windy City Blend” or “Chicago Sunrise.”
  1. Teas From All Over the World

Chicago is home to people from so many places. And they all brought their favorite teas with them!

  • What’s It Like?: Imagine sipping teas that take you on a journey around the world. From the calm of Chinese oolongs to the spicy kick of Indian masala chai, there’s so much to try!
  • Special Teas: Ask your guests what their favorite tea from their home country is. You can have a tea-tasting journey right in Chicago!
  1. Teas to Keep You Warm

Chicago can get super cold in the winter. Brrr! But don’t worry; there are teas to keep you warm and cozy.

  • What’s It Like?: Think of teas that feel like a warm hug. Teas that make you feel all toasty inside, even when it’s snowing outside.
  • Special Teas: Spicy cinnamon teas are perfect. They’re sweet and have a warm kick. And hot cocoa blends? They’re like a dessert in a cup! Add some marshmallows for extra fun.

Tasty Treats to Have With Your Tea in Chicago

Fun Tea Party in Chicago
Fun Tea Party in Chicago

What’s tea without some yummy snacks? In Chicago, there are some really special treats that everyone loves. Let’s see what you can serve at your tea party:

  1. Mini Pizza Pies!

Everyone knows Chicago is famous for its deep-dish pizza. Why not have little ones for your tea party?

  • What’s It Like?: Imagine a tiny pizza with a thick crust filled with cheese, sauce, and toppings. It’s like a little bite of Chicago in every piece!
  • Serving Tip: Make different kinds. Some with just cheese, some with veggies, and maybe some with pepperoni or sausage.
  1. Tiny Hot Dog Bites

Chicago loves its hot dogs. But remember, no ketchup!

  • What’s It Like?: Think of a small hot dog in a soft bun. Add some mustard, onions, and maybe a pickle slice. It’s a fun and tasty bite!
  • Serving Tip: Set up a little station where everyone can add their toppings. Just remember to tell them the Chicago rule: no ketchup!
  1. Sweet Treats from Chicago

After the savory snacks, it’s time for something sweet.

  • What’s It Like?: Chicago has some amazing desserts. There’s the creamy and rich Chicago cheesecake. And remember the local pastries that are so soft and sweet.
  • Serving Tip: You can have slices of cheesecake and some pastries like turnovers or danishes. Arrange them on a big plate, and watch them disappear!

Setting and Decorating for Your Chicago Tea Party

Setting up your tea party is super fun! And in Chicago, you have so many cool ideas to pick from. Let’s see how you can make your tea party look and feel just like Chicago:

  1. Picking Your Style: Old or New?

Chicago has buildings and stories from a long time ago, but it also has new and shiny things. What do you like more?

  • Old-Timey Style: Think of things like old lamps, fancy tablecloths, and some black-and-white photos of Chicago from the old days.
  • Modern Style: You can go for bright colors, cool shapes, and maybe even some lights that change colors!
  1. Adding Some Chicago Magic

There are things that everyone knows are from Chicago. Why not use them to decorate?

  • Mini Bean Statues: The Bean is a big, shiny statue in Chicago. You can have small ones on your table.
  • Chicago Flags and Pictures: You can have flags or pictures of famous places in Chicago, like the big Ferris wheel or the tall Willis Tower.
  • Shapes of Chicago: Imagine having cut-outs of the city’s skyline or other famous buildings. They can be on the walls or even as centerpieces on the tables.
  1. How to Act at a Chicago Tea Party

Every place has its way of doing things. In Chicago, people are friendly and warm.

  • Greeting Guests: Say hello with a big smile and maybe even a hug.
  • Saying Thanks: If someone passes you the tea or a snack, remember to say “thanks” or “thank you.”
  • Enjoying the Tea: Take your time, sip slowly, and enjoy the chat with your friends and family.

Activities and Entertainment

In Chicago, there’s always something fun to do. And your tea party should be no different! Let’s see what cool activities and entertainment you can have for your guests:

  1. Dance to Chicago Tunes

Chicago loves its music, especially jazz and blues.

  • What’s It Like?: Imagine smooth jazz or soulful blues playing in the background. It sets a cool and relaxing mood.
  • Special Tip: If you can, invite a local musician or band to play live. Everyone can tap their feet, clap their hands, or even get up and dance!
  1. Learn About Tea in Chicago

Chicago has a long history with tea. Why not share some of those stories?

  • What’s It Like?: Gather your guests and tell them about how people in Chicago drank tea many years ago and how it’s changed over time.
  • Special Tip: You can have old teapots or cups on display. Maybe even old photos or posters about tea in Chicago.
  1. Play Chicago Games

Games are always fun, especially when they’re about Chicago.

  • What’s It Like?: Think of fun questions about the city. Like, “What’s the name of the big park in downtown Chicago?” or “Which pizza is Chicago famous for?”
  • Special Tip: Have small prizes for the winners. A keychain with the Chicago flag or a postcard of the city.

Having a tea party in Chicago is super special! It’s like mixing old stories with new adventures. Chicago is a city full of history, but it’s also always buzzing with new things. So, whether you’ve lived here all your life or you’re just visiting, a tea party in this city will be something you’ll always remember. Every time you think of it, you’ll smile and remember all the fun you had.

Want to Learn More?

If you loved the tea party and want to know even more about tea in Chicago, here are some things you can do:

  • Visit Tea Shops: Chicago has many tea shops. Each one has its special teas and stories. Go and try different ones!
  • Join a Tea Club: There are groups of people in Chicago who love tea just as much as you do. Join one! You can share stories, try new teas, and make new friends.

So, keep sipping your tea and exploring all the wonderful things Chicago has to offer. Cheers to more tea parties and adventures in the Windy City!