The Best Way to Have a Tea Party in San Diego: A tea party is when friends and family gather to sip tea and munch on snacks. It’s a joyful moment where you can talk, laugh, and want good food.

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Why the Right Place and Plans Are Important in San Diego:

There are many spots to have a super tea party, from pretty gardens to comfy indoor spaces. When you plan well, everyone has more fun! So, choosing the perfect spot makes your tea party even better.

San Diego Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a fun time when people drink tea and eat small treats. It started a long time ago in England. Now, people in San Diego also enjoy it. You can try different types of tea and snacks like tiny sandwiches and sweet cakes.

Where to Go in San Diego?

The Grand Tea Room

This place is in Escondido. You can have a real English tea time here. They have lots of teas to pick from. They even have special food for people who can’t eat certain things.

AubreyRose Tea Room

This place is in La Mesa. It is a cozy place to have tea. They have many types of tea and yummy snacks like small sandwiches and cakes.

Shakespeare’s Shoppe

It is a cool place in San Diego. It feels like a tea room in England. They have teas from England and tasty treats.

Tea Party Venues in San Diego

The Best Way to Have a Tea Party in San Diego
The Best Way to Have a Tea Party in San Diego

Where to Have a Tea Party?

The Grand Tea Room

  • Where: Escondido
  • Cost: Starts at $30 per person
  • Look: Very fancy, like an English house
  • Extras: They have special chairs and tables for tea time. They also have gluten-free food.

AubreyRose Tea Room

  • Where: La Mesa
  • Cost: Around $25 per person
  • Look: Cozy and warm, like a home
  • Extras: Lots of teas and snacks. They have special plates and cups for kids.

Shakespeare’s Shoppe

  • Where: San Diego
  • Cost: About $20 per person
  • Look: Like a little shop in England
  • Extras: They have British teas and snacks. You can also buy tea to take home.

San Diego Tea Shops

Where to Buy Tea?

Mad Monk Tea

  • Where: San Diego
  • What to Buy: They have green tea and herbal tea.
  • Why It’s Good: The tea is fresh and comes from good places.

Tea Gallerie

  • Where: Kearny Mesa
  • What to Buy: Lots of flavors like fruity teas and minty teas.
  • Why It’s Good: They let you smell the tea before you buy it.

Point Loma Tea

  • Where: Liberty Station
  • What to Buy: They have black tea and special teas like “Birthday Tea.”
  • Why It’s Good: They pack the tea in pretty bags.

Tips on Picking Tea

  1. Smell the Tea: If it smells good, it will taste good.
  2. Ask for Help: The people in the shop can help you pick.
  3. Think of Your Guests: Pick different types for people to try.

High Tea San Diego Area

What’s the Difference?

High Tea: This is like a meal. It has heavier food like meat and bread. It was a meal for workers long ago.

Afternoon Tea: This is lighter with snacks like tiny sandwiches and cakes. People have it for fun.

Where to Have High Tea?

Marlene’s Tea & Cakes

  • Where: San Diego
  • What You Get: Meat pies, sandwiches, and lots of tea.

The Westgate Hotel

  • Where: Downtown San Diego
  • What You Get: Elegant setting with fancy foods and teas.

San Diego Tea Party Catering

Who Can Help?

The Elegant Truffle

  • What They Do: They bring tea and snacks to you.
  • Special Thing: They have lots of chocolate treats.

San Diego Tea Party Company

  • What They Do: They set up the whole tea party for you.
  • Special Thing: They can do big parties.

What to Look For?

  1. Menu: See what foods they can bring.
  2. Cost: Know how much it will be.
  3. Reviews: Look at what other people say about them.

San Diego Tea Party Rentals

What Can You Rent?

You can rent spoons, forks, cups, and teapots for your tea party. You can also get fun decorations like flowers and banners.

Where to Rent Stuff?

Raphael’s Party Rentals

  • What They Have: All kinds of things for tea parties.
  • Why It’s Good: They deliver to your place.

Platinum Event Rentals

  • What They Have: Fancy dishes and decorations.
  • Why It’s Good: They help you pick what you need.

Southern California Tea Gatherings

How Does San Diego Fit In?

San Diego is part of a bigger area called Southern California. Many people here like tea parties, just like in San Diego.

Any Big Tea Events?

SoCal Tea Festival

  • What It Is: A big party where you can try lots of teas.
  • Where: Moves around Southern California, sometimes in San Diego.

Annual Garden Tea Party

  • What It Is: A tea party in a big, pretty garden.
  • Where: Different gardens in Southern California.

Tea Party Events San Diego

What’s Coming Up?

There are fun tea events in San Diego. You can go to tea tastings or tea parties with special themes.

How to Join?

  1. Look Online: Websites like Eventbrite have lists of tea events.
  2. Ask in Shops: Tea shops sometimes know about local events.

San Diego Tea Party Supplies

Where to Get Stuff?

You can get tea party things like cups, spoons, and decorations from stores or online.

Stores to Visit

  • Party City: They have lots of party stuff.
  • Michael’s: Good for crafty decorations.

Online Shops

  • Amazon: They have almost everything.
  • Etsy: Great for special, handmade things

Traditional Tea Party San Diego

Traditional Tea Party San Diego
Traditional Tea Party San Diego

What’s Traditional?

traditional tea party in San Diego often has:

  • Tea: Different types like green, black, and herbal.
  • Snacks: Tiny sandwiches, scones, and sweets.
  • Music: Soft background tunes.

Local Flavors

San Diego is close to Mexico, so sometimes people add Mexican treats like churros.

San Diego Tea Party Themes

Fun Themes

  1. Beach Theme: Think of sand, shells, and sea.
  2. Fairy Tale: Use things like crowns and wands.
  3. Floral: Lots of flowers and pretty colors.

How to Do It?

  1. Pick a Theme: Choose what you like.
  2. Get Supplies: Buy or make things that match your theme.
  3. Invite: Tell people the theme so they can get ready.

Tea Party Locations in San Diego

Types of Places

  1. Gardens: Good for sunny days.
  • Good: Pretty and fresh air.
  • Not Good: It could be windy or rainy.
  1. Indoor Venues: Like hotels or halls.
  • Good: No need to worry about the weather.
  • Not Good: It can be costly.
  1. Beach: Next to the ocean.
  • Good: Fun and different.
  • Not Good: Sand can get in the food.

San Diego Garden Tea Party

How to Do It?

  1. Pick a Garden: Find a garden you like.
  2. Ask for Okay: Make sure you can have a party there.
  3. Get Ready: Bring tables, chairs, and tea stuff.

Good Gardens in San Diego

  1. Balboa Park: Lots of space and pretty flowers.
  2. San Diego Botanic Garden: Many types of plants.
  3. Old Town San Diego: Has historic gardens.

Children’s Tea Party San Diego

Tips for a Fun Kids’ Tea Party

  1. Pick Easy Foods: Kids like simple snacks like peanut butter sandwiches and fruit slices.
  2. Fun Drinks: Besides tea, have juice or milk.
  3. Games: Think of fun games like “Tea Cup Relay” or “Pin the Handle on the Teapot.”

Good Places and Themes for Kids


  1. Parks: Lots of space to play.
  2. Indoor Play Areas: Good for bad weather days.
  3. Your Backyard: Easy and close to home.


  1. Princess Party: Use crowns and pink stuff.
  2. Pirate Tea: Think of treasure chests and maps.
  3. Animal Party: Use animal toys and pictures.

San Diego Tea Party Packages

Ready-Made Tea Parties

You can buy tea party packages that have everything you need. It makes it easy to have a tea party!

Package Prices and Stuff Inside

  1. The Grand Tea Room: $50 per person. Includes tea, snacks, and a special gift.
  2. AubreyRose Tea Room: $40 per person. Tea, sandwiches, and a take-home cup.
  3. Shakespeare’s Shoppe: $30 per person. British tea and snacks.


San Diego is a great place for tea parties! There are many places to go and ways to have fun. So go out and enjoy tea time in San Diego!

Additional Resources

  • Websites: Check out TeaTime Magazine online for tips.
  • Books: “The Art of Tea” is a good book to learn more.
  • Events: Look for local tea events on the Eventbrite website.